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Scout Reminder - BE PREPARED!!!

Posted on Dec 1 2011 - 8:22am

Boy Scout Leader Specific Training

Posted on Nov 29 2011 - 2:00pm

This course is required for all Scoutmasters & Assistant Scoutmasters. Register today to learn how to be a more effective leader.

Thousand Island Lake Trip Report‏

Posted on Oct 20 2011 - 10:55am
After last year's 82 mile "Killer A" Trek, I decide it was time for a Sierra Vacation. Not one, not two but THREE layover days for fishing, day hiking and relaxing. After hearing about Thousand Island Lake from several Troop Sierra Trek veterans, knew it was time for a visit.

2011 Surf Camp recap

Posted on Oct 20 2011 - 10:55am

34 adventurous Scouts, Parents and Siblings spent a wonderful weekend at the beautiful YMCA Imperial Beach Surf Camp.

Saturday was spent braving the cool Pacific surfing and boogie boarding or digging very large holes at the beach. After lunch, scouts and sibling and Mr. Kelley enjoyed participating in GA-Ga ball victories. Everyone then participated in an hour of community service by pulling out over 2000 lbs of invaisave iceplant in the protected marsh areas of the camp. Director Tim Perkey was overwelhmed by everyone's effort which ultimately saved the YMCA countless hours of their own staff.

Your District Advancement Committee NEEDS YOU !

Posted on Aug 25 2011 - 11:05am

Come soar with the Eagles!

Be a part of an incredible team of friendly, knowledgeable volunteers! Thank you for sending the District Advancement Committee so many fine young men for the rank of Eagle Scout this year. It has been a busy year and yet the busiest season is just ahead. We are pleased to see that all units are sending us candidates and we strongly encourage members of your units to volunteer to serve on the District Advancement Committee.

Southern Yosemite B+ Wrap Up‏

Posted on Aug 17 2011 - 3:37pm

Hi Troop 636,

Wow! I was lucky enough to just get back from a fabulous back packing trek with fellow Troop 636'ers.  I can not say enough great things about this trip to do it justice.  Only the luck ones listed below could really relate to how great it was.
We left August 6th bright and early from Target parking lot and made it to the town of Wawona in southern Yosemite by 1 pm where we picked up our back country permit and ate sandwiches at the luxurious Wawona Lodge.

We drove into Yosemite Valley to spend the first night at the backpacker's campsite where we played in the river and jumped off the footbridge into the cold river water.  To fill our bodies with energy for the tough hike that we knew we had ahead of us, we feasted on a pasta and meatball dinner with garlic bread and ceasar salad before retiring to our tents early.  The next morning a brown bear trotted by the camp about 20 yards away!  We packed up, grabbed coffee's and hot chocolate's from the lodge and headed back to our trail head - Chilnualna Falls. 

This part of Yosemite is quiet compared to the tourist filled valley.  Actually, after our first day of hiking we probably saw less than a dozen other hikers for the entire trip. We were almost always alone at the many high country lakes that we stayed at.
This made it nice and that much more special. The first night we stopped at Crescent Lake, a shallow warm lake that we waded and swam across to a rock island that was surrounded by tadpoles.  The second night we stopped at Royal Arch Lake were the fishing was great.  Mr. Kelley landed three fish within his first four casts with a spinner. We feasted on 13 grilled trout that night.  This was Harrison's birthday and he caught the most fish that day...pretty cool, I'd say.  These first two days were the + part of the B+ rating because we ascended over 5000' vertical with our packs full of bear cans packed with food!  Everyone toughed it out though and were glad that they did, I think.

There was one big negative to this trip and this came in the form of billions of mosquito's.  These were generally held at bay by netting and DEET for most of us, but Ronald must have been very tasty to them because he accumulated the record of over 100 bites!  Mrs. Kelley says that the billions of mosquitoes were offset by the billions of wild flowers that were everywhere along the entire trip.  They were beautiful and in full bloom.  The weather was perfect.

The highlight of the trip, besides the great camaraderie we shared, was experienced on the second to the last day of the trip where we spent the whole afternoon swimming in a picturesque pool at the base of the upper Chilnualna Falls.  Besides the cold temperature of the water, this could have been taken from a Hawaiian paradise.   The natural landscape was incredible.  We laid on the hot rocks and dove into the cold pool and tried to catch the fish with an improvised net made from a mosquito net.  

The 10 boy scouts and 5 adults listed below filled my 15 person wilderness permit:

Jacob Kelley
Harrison Kelley
Jared Ijams
Ryan Wallace
Ronald Bennett
Adam Shyp
Philip Todd
Rahul Munsif
Cameron Shiner
Ryan Hon

Mr and Mrs. Kelley
Mr. Shyp
Mr. Ijams
Mr. Shiner

All these hikers on this B+ rated trek definitely get an A+ from me and should be congratulated for their finishing this trek and being such good trekking companions. 
I hope other Troop scouts can be lucky enough to experience a trip like this in the future.  Thanks to all the adults that helped make this trek possible. 

Mr. Kelley

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